Police: events in Victory Park passed without major incidents

«The annual 9 May events in Victory Park passed without any major incidents and physical confrontations,» said Chief of State Police’s Riga Region Department Juris Šulte in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

On 9 May, State Police filed administrative violation reports for 30 people. People were fined for appearing drunk or under influence of other substances in public, hooliganism, refusal to comply with police officers’ requests, drunk driving and other violations.

Last year, the number of administrative violation reports filed on 9 May was 24.

Šulte says the number of visitors was around 150,000.

According to her, events in the park transpired without any major incidents.

Šulte could not confirm information that some person was chastised for wearing a red and white ribbon near Victory Park. She said she does not have that kind of information. At the same time, she added that such a situation would not be allowed.

Former Riga City Council deputy Valdis Gavars wrote on Facebook that his road home leads through Victory Park. He was wearing a red-white ribbon, and a police officer came up to him and said it could provoke people. Gavars said he was walking on the street opposite to the event.

On Wednesday, 9 May, different celebrations were held near Victory Monument. People there were celebrating the 73rd anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in WWII. Russians around the world celebrate this date around the world every year.

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