Poland introduces sanitary control on Lithuanian border

Poland has on Tuesday introduced sanitary control on its border with Lithuania over the coronavirus risk, the country’s embassy in Lithuania said.

People travelling by buses are also asked to fill in forms and provide their contact information, it said. “We are asking all passengers to honestly fill the forms for their own health, and we are asking carriers and operators, if possible, to provide the forms for passengers to fill in advance to ensure swift and smooth border control,” he embassy said in a statement. The tv3.lt news website reports that travellers’ temperature might be randomly checked on the Lithuanian border. “We have information that random temperature checks are taking place and people are asked about their itineraries and have their cars checked. (…) There’s no universal control, they are just doing random checks,” Giedrius Misutis, spokeswoman for Lithuania’s State Border Guard Service, told BNS on Tuesday.

Similar measures are being taken by Lithuanian border guards as well but they have no means to check the temperature. Misutis says he has no information that any queues could form on the border because of these measures, or any other changes to the existing order could take place.

Lithuanian border guards have been randomly stopping cars on Lithuania’s borders with Poland and Latvia since late February, asking people where they travel from and also distributing leaflets.

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