Poet and translator Juris Kronbergs dies aged 73


On July 6, in Stockholm, the poet and translator Juris Kronbergs (09.08.1946 – 06.07.2020), has passed away, said  Latvian Literatur e on their Facebook page.

Kronbergs was born in the family of painter Rūdolfs Kronbergs in Stockholm. He wrote poetry in Latvian and Swedish , as well as translated Latvian literature into Swedish and Swedish literature into Latvian.

He received several important Latvian and Swedish awards for contributing to the development of the literature of both countries, including the Three Star Order in 1998. In 2007 he received the Latvian Literature Annual Award for Life Investment in Latvian Literature.

Kronbergs is the author of 13 poetry books, two books for children, several translations.

Literary scientist Sandra Ratniece has specifically called him a bridge over the Baltic Sea, because it is his quill that holds translations of many Latvian authors in Swedish.


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