Plaster to education: Latvian teachers’ pay increased for 2019 alone


The Latvian government has approved the rise of the lowest pay rate of teachers, but funds for this purpose have been earmarked only for the second half of 2019.

The Latvian Cabinet of Ministers passed on Tuesday, June 18, amendments to the Rules of Teacher Salary,

setting forth the increase from September 1 of the lowest rate of teacher salary from 710 to 750 euros.
The funds would come from target subsidies to municipalities in the amount of 713 824 euros and another 6 944 658 euros from adjustable funding from the annual state budget.

Ministry: 23 million needed in 2020

The Latvian Ministry of Education argues that for the pay rise, this year, a total of 7.66 million euros were necessary, while in 2020, the new salary level can be upheld with 22.97 million euros that have not yet been earmarked.

Latvian Trade Union of Education and Science Employees, which has threatened to start the next school year with a massive teacher strike, called on the government to maintain a reference in a government order to ensure teacher pay rise also in the year 2020.

No legal grounds?

To this end, Finance Minister Jānis Reirs (New Unity) stated that currently, there are no legal grounds to earmark additional 20 million euros for teacher pay rise in the 2020 budget, since discussions on the next budget would only start in August.

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