Plant wonders: yarrow today, heal tomorrow

Yarrow is found everywhere – meadows, fields, roadside. Botanist Agnese Priede shares some tips on the use of this versatile plant.

Historically, yarrow was believed to soothe wounds, make dairy cows give thicker milk, and even cure the plague. Of these powers there is no certainty – however, you can definitely try it a great many ways.

Dried and powdered yarrow can be placed on smaller bruises, as it is said to have a blood-coagulating effect.

Yarrow tea is a little bitter but extremely valuable. It helps against stomach troubles and cough, and can also be consumed for its blood-coagulation effect.

Yarrow can be collected around Midsummer and used all winter long, as it works wonders and looks pretty when dried.

 Disclaimer: Only use plants you are sure of. Do not consume plants you don’t recognize or plants that have grown in dubious locations.  


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