Actual government formation process can begin when president nominates PM candidate – Rinkevics

The actual government formation process can begin after November 6, when President Raimonds Vejonis nominates a prime minister candidate, New Unity politician and current Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics believes.

After a meeting with representatives from the New Conservative Party today, Rinkevics said that three parties are currently conducting their separate government formation discussions, and each of them have their own prime minister candidate. He said that New Unity is not planning on forming a political bloc with any of them at the moment, nor expressing support for a specific candidate.

The politician said that the real government formation process will start on November 6 when the president will nominate a specific PM candidate.

Rinkevics reminded that New Unity is a participant of the government formation talks, but is not leading these talks. He added that the party is open discussions with all of the political parties involved in these talks.

”I think that we have shown that we are a traditional European country, and one with a fragmented parliament. This should not be much of a surprise. Parties need time to discuss among themselves,” he said, commenting the government formation process.

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