Piche developer to build industrial Green Park next to Riga Airport

Latvia’s Piche developer has purchased a land property for more than EUR 2 million next to Riga International Airport for building Green Park, a complex of storehouses, production plants and office buildings.

The land plot purchased by Piche is 100,000 square meters large. The development project provides for building storage facilities on 50,000 square meters and office premises on 7,000 square meters large territory.

Green Park will be the third industrial park developed by Piche near Riga Airport. The company has also purchased 300,000 square meters of land in Marupe municipality to develop similar industrial parks in the future.

Piche is an industrial construction firm which in 14 years of operation has constructed more than 100 industrial buildings.

Piche, registered in 2005, has a share capital of EUR 2,900. The company’s key owner is Peteris Senkans(99%). In 2018, Piche turned over EUR 10.811 mln and made a EUR 5.484 mln profit.


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