Pentagon Made Approach of US Cyber Command More Aggressive in Spring

The US Department of Defense changed the approach of the US Cyber Command in spring making it more aggressive allowing more cyberattacks on foreign networks, local media reported.
The New York Times reported Sunday that the previous strategy had been based on counterattacks against hackers targeting the United States.

In spring the approach was changed that had created an opportunity for regular raids against foreign networks in order to prevent potential cyberattacks on the United States with the use of such foreign infrastructure, the media outlet said.

The new approach is a result of policy aimed at conducting operations to disrupt activities of the terrorist groups by killing militants at their bases or houses that has proven its effectiveness, the newspaper added. 

The issue of cybersecuirty has become topical in recent years due to the growing number of cyberattacks around the world, including with the use of ransomware such as Wannacry or ExPetr.

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