Passengers using Tallinn Airport increased by 11.5 percent in August

In August, approximately 84,400 passengers passed through Tallinn Airport – an 11.5 percent increase on July. However, even with this increase, this number is only 26 percent of the passenger volume recorded in August 2019.

Passenger numbers increased at the start of August but fell at the end of the month as coronavirus rates started to rise across the European Union limiting flights, ETV’s “Aktuaalne kaamera” reported on Thursday.

Commercial manager of Tallinn Airport Eero Pärgmäe said it is not possible to predict the what flights will run from the airport future at the moment. It was agreed by the government last Friday that routes to Frankfurt, Helsinki, Riga, Copenhagen, Warsaw and London will stay open regardless of infection rate.

Latvia’s possible decision – which will be decided today – to introduce a quarantine requirement for arrivals from Estonia and Lithuania will not initially affect Air Baltic flights from Tallinn, Pärgmäe said.