Pamela Anderson attacks Italy’s Minister Salvini as she warns of fascism

Former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson has attacked Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and warned that the country is ‘sliding towards fascism.

On Twitter the actress warned that Italy’s ‘anti-migration sentiment’ and France’s yellow vest protests are European problems.

“Italy is a beautiful country and I love it so much, from its food to its fashion, from its history to its arts, but I am very worried about the current trends which are reminding me of the 1930s,” Anderson said.

“The fear and insecurity in all segments of society, the daily attacks on refugees and migrants, the deepening economic crisis…

“Mr. Salvini recently said that “Macron is a problem for the French”, meaning what is happening currently in France with the Gilets Jaunes protests is something that concerns only the French. This is wrong.

“What is happening in France these days is a European problem, in the same way that the anti-immigrant measures and slide towards a new form of fascism in Italy is a European problem.

“The solution is not more Macron or more Salvini, the actually need each other and reinforce each other, the solution can only be a Pan-European awakening across borders and nationalities, which would be able to tackle the deep economic, social and ecological crisis of Europe today”.

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