Over a thousand Defence League and other personnel in weekend exercise in Estonia

Around a thousand volunteer Defence League (Kaitseliit) personnel are taking part in a training exercise over the weekend.

Exercise Orkaan (Hurricane) is being organized by the West Estonia defense district, BNS reports, and will also bring personnel from the Kalev Infantry Battalion, Naiskodukaitse, the women’s arm of the Defence League, volunteers from the Latvian volunteer corps Zemessardze, the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA).

“Protecting our family and our home is important for all of us. In exercises like this we are rehearsing, in addition to protecting our own home and that of our neighbor,” said head of the Defence League’s West District, Lt. Col. Rasmus Lippur.

Imitation devices including blank cartridges, smoke grenades and explosives will be used during the exercise, which runs from Friday to Sunday, BNS reports, though no active combat activity will be conducted at night. All due safety precautions will be taken, the Defence League says.

Exercise Orkaan is set to culminate in an event at Lihula Stronghold Hill at 1 p.m. Sunday, which will give members of the public the chance to see the Defence League and its equipment up close, as well as to sample some of its food, BNS reports.

The PPA are also conducting door-to-door checks during the exercise, to assess crisis preparedness, BNS reports.

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