Ossinovski’s girlfriend resigns from board of Latvian road maintenance company

Anastasija Udalova, a member of the board of the state road maintenance company Latvijas Autocelu Uzturetajs (LAU) and former head of LAU’s procurement department, left her position on Tuesday, a day before the company’s office was searched by the Latvian Corruption Prevention Bureau.

Udalova said she had handed in her resignation on Tuesday when the company’s supervisory board was meeting and added that the supervisory board accepted her resignation. According to Udalova, she is leaving the company’s board for personal reasons, namely, her relationship with Estonian businessman Oleg Ossinovski with whom she has been together for two years. Udalova has decided to move to Estonia, and has already found a job here.

The Latvian Corruption Prevention Bureau on April 4 decided to search the office of Latvijas Autocelu Uzturetajs. According to the company, none of its employees were detained but spokespeople for the company did not wish to disclose the possible reasons for the search.

When asked to comment on the Corruption Prevention Bureau’s search at the company’s offices on Wednesday, Udalova said she had heard about it but had no information that the search could have anything to do with her work at the company.

Udalova was appointed member of LAU’s board on April 26, 2016. Before that she worked for attorney at law Saulvedis Varpins, at the Riga City Council, and as the head of LAU’s procurement department.

According to Udalova’s latest tax return, her salary at LAU in 2016 totaled 71,528 euros and she had cash savings of 75,000 euros at the end of 2016. Her debt liabilities stood at 22,629 euros.

The Latvian media at the beginning of March said that former insolvency administrator Maris Spruds’ bail of 500,000 euros was posted by his brother, businessman Kristaps Spruds, who borrowed the money from Anastasija Udalova. Udalova told BNS that she had not posted bail for Spruds, but she had lent the money to a good friend of hers. Udalova declined to say whether she was in a relationship with Ossinovski and whether Kristaps Spruds was the good friend she had given the money to.

Ossinovski, in turn, has been charged with bribing Ugis Magonis who was then head of the railroad company Latvijas Dzelzcels.

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