Osprey landing in Japan surprises residents and sparks complaints

The Air Force doesn’t have to give notice before aircraft land at U.S. or Japanese facilities that it has permission to use, a U.S. military official said Thursday after residents complained about a CV-22 Osprey landing in Saitama prefecture, Japan.

Local government officials told Japan’s Defense Ministry that they weren’t informed before the tiltrotor aircraft landed briefly at the Tokorozawa Communications Site on Monday evening. The landing sparked noise complaints from residents, according to the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper.

“There is no requirement for any type of pre-notification before we use U.S. facilities or Japanese facilities for which we have agreements on usage,” Air Force spokesman Master Sgt. Michael Davis said in a statement Thursday. “The air operations in question are in line with relevant airspace agreements and regulations between the United States government and the Government of Japan.”

Davis declined to state why the aircraft landed at Tokorozawa, citing the need for operational security.

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