Lithuania: Online voting may not be possible in October elections


Although the Lithuanian parliament has allowed online voting in the upcoming October general election, it may not be possible to have it ready in time, according to the country’s Central Electoral Commission (VRK).

The new law, passed last month, allows voters who are abroad or in self-isolation to vote online during pandemics.

“We all have agreed that there is very little time to prepare high quality solutions,” the Central Electoral Commission’s chairwoman Laura Matjošaitytė told BNS.

The Commission on Thursday organised a discussion on possibilities to develop an online voting system, as required by a recent law passed in the parliament, in time for the general elections this October.

According to Matjošaitytė, rolling out online voting in time for the election might not be possible.

The Commission would launch procedures to do it, but online voting would have to be put off, if the system were unable to ensure the necessary level of security, she added.

Lithuania will hold general elections on October 11.


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