Oil leaked on railway in Valmiera

On Thursday, October 8, a total of 26 tons of petroleum products were leaked from a railway tank at the East-West Transit oil base, the commander of the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) Vidzeme Brigade Janis Krastins said in an interview to Latvian Radio October 9.

He said that VUGD had managed to prevent oil products from reaching River Gauja.

According to him, most of the oil products flowed into the city’s rain water sewer system. Fortunately, employees of the local government company Valmieras ūdens (Valmiera Water) have been cleaning up rain water sewers and have managed to close the control lid in time, preventing fuel from spreading further into the system.

Krastins said that further major work is ahead of the company and State Environmental Service (VVD). The soil has been soaked quite a lot. They will also have to follow up on what happens to the well water in the surrounding houses. Removal of consequences would require great effort and resources.


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