OECD: Latvian employees work longest hours in Baltics

In a comparison of Baltic countries per average annual hours worked, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has found earlier this year that the average Latvian worker spends 1,910 hours at work, followed by the Lithuanian employee with 1,885 hours and the average Estonian worker with 1,855 hours.

In the study available on the web site of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) its 35 member states have been compared on the basis of average annual hours worked meaning the total number of hours actually worked per year divided by the average number of people in employment per year.

Data on the year 2016, showed that among its European members, Greeks work the longest hours in Europe, at an average 2,035 hours per year as compared to Germans which are at the other end of the list with 1,363 hours per year.

The Dutch, French and Danish workers were also found to be working for fewer than 1,500 hours per year on average.


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