OCMA: majority of Latvian immigrants live in Britain, Ireland and Germany

The Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs has calculated the exact number of Latvian citizens living abroad. The majority of Latvians reside in Britain (73,081, of which 73,613 are citizens), followed by Ireland (20,560 residents, of which 20,343 are citizens), Germany (18,394, of which 15,316 are citizens), and USA (16,075, of which 15,316 are citizens), according to the data compiled in July 2018.

5,722 Latvians live in Australia. 5,230 Latvians have picked Canada as their home. Another 5,020 live in Russia, and 4,410 live in Israel.

Latvians also live in Scandinavia. According to statistical data, there are 4,098 Latvians living in Norway; 4,482 in Sweden; 2,107 in Denmark; 1,309 in Finland and only 364 in Iceland. There are also 2,320 Latvians living in Norway.

A large number of Latvians have also left for Europe’s warmer parts: 2,883 of them now live in France; 2,274 live in Spain; 1,502 in Portugal, and 714 – in Cyprus.

2,412 Latvians have settled in Estonia, and 840 – in Lithuania.

Other locations where it is possible to find Latvians include New Zealand (267), Venezuela (324), Mexico (70), Japan (42), Thailand (29) and Qatar (23).

According to data from OCMA, 181,545 Latvians live abroad.

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