Number of refugees in Estonian centres shrinks to 47

At the beginning of February, 47 refugees were still staying in Estonia’s reception centres in Vao and Vägeva, two villages in the Estonian countryside, down from 51 in early December last year.
As of 1 February there are 34 people temporarily living in the Vao centre, 22 of which are asylum seekers and another 12 have been granted international protection, the Baltic News Service reported on Monday.

Five of the latter are so-called quota refugees, who made it to Estonia under the European Union’s migrant distribution scheme.

Among the refugees in Vao are five families, and the people hail from 12 countries, including Syria, Georgia, Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan.

The number of people staying at the Vägeva centre was 13 in early February, all of whom were asylum seekers. There are two families among them as well.

The residents of the Vägeva centre are from Egypt, Albania, Russia, Nigeria, Uganda, India and Ukraine.

A total of 45 people were staying at the Vao and Vägeva centers at the beginning of January, and 51 in early December last year.

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