Number of crimes registered in Latvia decreased

Last year, the number of crimes registered in Latvia decreased as compared to 2018, and this trend has continued since 2014, according to information provided by the prosecutor’s office to Saeima Defense, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee.

According to the prosecutor office’s data, Latvia’s crime rate has been decreasing since 2014. A total of 39,906 crimes were registered in Latvia, which is 7.8 percent less than in 2018 when 43,260 crimes were registered in Latvia.

The prosecutor’s office also points out that the number of crimes registered last year is the lowest since 2011.

Analyzing the number of registered criminal offenses in the regions, it can be seen that, compared to 2018, there are regions where the decrease in the number of crimes was steeper and regions where the decrease was not as steep, except Kurzeme province where the number of crimes registered last year increased as compared to 2018.

For instance, crime rate in Vidzeme decreased minimally last year, while Latgale recorded a decrease of 8.1 percent, and Greater Riga Region – 7.1 percent decrease.

The number of especially serious crimes registered last year decreased by 1.8 percent from 2018, the number of serious crimes decreased by 12.6 percent, the number of less serious crimes decreased 6 percent, while the number of criminal violations increased 10.3 percent.

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