Number of coronavirus cases in Latvia climbs to 16

The latest update on confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in Latvia was published March 12, with the number rising from 10 to 16.

The Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC) said in its morning update that of 41 tests carried out during the last 24 hours, 6 were positive.

In total 332 tests have been carried out since February 29, with 16 positive results.

More information on the situation with regard to the coronavirus outbreak in Europe is available at the homepage of the    European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control   and the  World Health Organization  , which on March 11 declared a global pandemic.

Currently Latvian authorities are strongly advising against travel to Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Iran, and China   as well as recommending that special precautionary measures are taken upon return to Latvia.

Furthermore it is recommended that travellers exercise caution and carefully consider the need to travel also to the following destinations: Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, Iceland, India, Iraq, Israel, Canada, Kuwait, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

People who have visited infected areas and show possible flu-like symptoms on their return are instructed to call 113 rather than visit their family doctor.


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