No precipitation in Latvia this week; air temperature to reach +15° C


Anticyclone will continue dictating weather conditions in Latvia this week – the week will pass with some clouds and without precipitation. Wind speed will be slow and mist may form at night, as reported by Latvia’s Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Colder masses of air will enter Latvia during Easter, causing air temperature to drop and remain below +15° C. There is also a possibility of short-term rain.

Weather will remain dictated by the anticyclone with its centre above Scandinavian countries. On Monday, 15 April, the sky will be mostly clear and no precipitation is expected. Win will draw in from the north and north-east. Air temperature will be +6° C… +11° C during the day and +2° C… -3° C at night.

As the week continues the anticyclone will continue dictating weather conditions. Warmer masses of air will flow into the country on the night to Tuesday, causing air temperature to reach +10° C… +15° C (+7° C… +9° C along the coast). Night-time air temperature will be around -1° C… +3° C. Wind speed will be slow to moderate. Mist may form at night in some areas.

Current forecasts show that colder masses of air will flow into Latvia around Easter. Air temperature will not exceed +15° C. Some rain I also expected.

As weather remains dry, residents are asked to be responsible and prevent grass fires.

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