No One Has the Monopoly on Truth

What happens when no one speaks for the ordinary people because we’ve been shut down? Our freedoms are under threat as never before, specifically free speech. The tech giants conspire with governments and accept funding from countries like Saudi Arabia and China, two countries who are hardly proponents of free speech.
I am so worried about the deliberate shut down of conservative voices that yesterday I organised a conference in the European Parliament and invited friends to speak the #DeplorableTruth.

One of my speakers was Canadian philosopher Stefan Molyneaux, whose linguistic intellectualism outshines most debaters and who has one of the finest minds in the western world. 

He spoke about how big tech is masquerading as an honest broker of real trustworthy new, not fake news. But how do we know that? Can we trust them not to manipulate the algorithms so that when we search for specific items we get what we’re searching for rather than the paid for promotion of sponsored or partnership material that artificially regurgitates vested interests content? Of course, we cannot and we should be aware that this isn’t honest, often fraudulent and certainly unethical.   

Why is this? It’s partly commercial and I get that but it’s more sinister. Most tech entrepreneurs are liberal left, they funded and voted for Clinton, only 1% of tech workers donated to the Trump campaign. 

They want to control what we see and how we think. Socialists/fascists believe in utopia and that they can build their paradise by shutting down the opposition and eliminating any discourse to the path of true happiness. They don’t want to debate with the deplorable human beings who oppose them. Remove them and we’re on the road to the greater good — and their clients too. 

The socialists and fascists work with big tech to have conservatives de-platformed, de-monetised and their mouths and keyboards silenced. 

Zuckerberg wants to promote ‘good trustworthy news’, so who does he partner with? The New York Times. The same people that kept quiet about Stalin’s atrocities, they were fans of Hugo Chavez and supported Clinton’s Libyan coup that led to Europe’s mass migration crisis. That’s good trustworthy journalism? Or is it weaponised sophistry?

Under pressure from governments, they are told to monitor extreme and offensive online content. Yet their ordinary tech worker moderators are burnt out human beings, not algorithms, real people stressed by what they see online and by the warehousing business model that makes Amazon warehouse jobs seem like nirvana. The content comes in many languages, the tech moderators cannot cope so they use Google translate — and we all know how precarious that is. They can’t be the world’s policemen.  

Why the need for control from the socialists/fascists? Because big tech can swing elections. Trump, Brexit, Salvini and the rise of populism wasn’t supposed to happen. The socialists/fascists need to stop this. They need to take back control of the narrative to swing the pendulum back, to put the voters back in their boxes by make them watch videos of playful kittens, kids doing the funniest of things but not watching philosophical discussion calling out the fascists and challenging the leftist status quo. 

Instead of people watching videos of people discussing why high taxes are bad, mass migration is bad, globalisation is bad, questioning the climate change industry, the cruel and damaging arena of identity politics, the socialists/fascists attack and denigrate the individuals. They’re labelled far right, Nazis and people you really shouldn’t be mixing with. They target their families, employers and friends. That leads to the free speech opinion formers self-censoring at best and being de-platformed at worst. 

Then what happens if they get their utopia? Imagine if we’re completely shut down. No more YouTube, social media, MSM reporting of our activities — good or bad, no conferences, no public debates, we’re gone, silenced in the name of protecting people from being offended? No more questioning the damage of leftism, no more debate about anything.

What happens to the people who want to hear what we’re saying when they lose the people who speak for them? What happens when they stop believing that their voice is being heard and channelled through us, when they stop believing that things can change? What happens when they lose hope and get angry? And what happens when they start organising themselves into street protest opposition? 

By silencing us they play with fire. Or perhaps more governments will start to legalise cannabis, to create more zombies so that if you’re stoned you become more mellow and revert to playful puppy videos. You’re now controlled again. 

No one has a monopoly on truth, even if it’s the Deplorable Truth. 

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