No major heating tariff increase is expected in Latvia

No major increase is expected for Latvia’s next heating season, said Public Utilities Commission council chairman Rolands Irklis in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT on Friday, 10 August.

«Everything seems calm for heating. If we compare it to last year, tariffs of nearly 90% of service providers have not changed so far. Still, it is possible that some changes may come before the beginning of the heating season,» said Irklis, adding that PUC has six tariff projects in review.

«So far we’ve seen no indications of tariffs growing,» said Irklis.

At the same time, he said there are locations in which tariffs have increased in comparison with last year. The most rapid heating tariff increases have been noticed in Valmiera, Vangaži and Baloži, because support for heating energy in co-generation regime has ended in these cities. «Support terms have ended there. This also means the end for subsidies that were paid to electricity producing companies for heating supply,» said Irklis.

PUC is an independent state institution that was formed and functions to regulate energy, electronic communications, postal, household waste and water supply industries. This institution defends the interests of consumers and contributes to development of public utilities. PUC was founded 1 September 2001.

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