No entrance through front door on Rīga public transport

From Tuesday, October 27, boarding and exit on all bus and trolley bus routes in Rīga will only be organized through the middle and rear doors, Rīgas Satiksme transport company said October 26.

Ticket sale in public transport is not currently being stopped, tickets will still be available for purchase with the driver. Rīgas Satiksme asks passengers to purchase tickets prior to the ride as far as possible. If a ticket has to be purchased with the driver, exact change is to be handed.

In Rīga, all transportation is equipped with a special protective glass, so the driver and passengers are separated. However, the arrangements for organizing passenger boarding through the middle and rear doors will allow for additional security.

Rīgas Satiksme indicated that every day all the vehicles carrying passengers are cleaned and disinfected. Ventilation of vehicles is carried out at the final stops, with all public vehicle doors opened and opened for a while.


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