New U.S. ambassador to Latvia met with Egils Levits


The new ambassador of the United States of America to Latvia presented his credentials to President Egils Levits at Rīga Castle November 5.

John Leslie Carwile presented the necessary paperwork then sat down to tea with Latvia’s head of state.

A day earlier, Carwile paid a preliminary visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which said he “noted that the U.S. administration and the Congress see Latvia as a close and reliable partner for cooperation. The Ambassador expressed his readiness to further facilitate the political dialogue between Latvia and the United States, strengthening cooperation in defence, and seeking new opportunities for development of business cooperation.”

He succeeds Nancy Bikoff Pettit in the diplomatic posting, though she too will be making a visit to Rīga Castle in a little over a week to collect a state award.

New ambassadors representing the Czech Republic and Uzbekistan also presented their credentials.

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