New military court in Estonia could improve discipline in army

Ex-commander of the Estonian Defence Forces Johannes Kert has proposed the reintroduction of a separate military court system that judging by the war-related court proceedings in Ukraine would increase military discipline in the Baltic country.

Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports that Kert, currently an MP, has the support to the idea from opposition Reform Party faction, both the Ministry of Justice and the head of the Riigikogu’s National Defence Committee are not in favour.

«In Ukraine the first problem was that the mobilisation [of its forces] was extremely chaotic, and the way the civil courts dealt with deserters and service evaders varied greatly,» Kert was cited as saying to ERR’s Vikerraadio. «Punishments ranged from fines to seven, eight-year prison sentences. The uneven application [of the law] and glacial speed of the courts caused a lot of confusion.»

The MP added that the existence of a national defence court alone would increase discipline in the Estonian Defence Forces: «This is part of any military’s readiness and culture, without which no national defence system is complete».

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