New government in Latvia to have expert groups for specific matters

To reach an agreement on the forming government’s work, parties forming the coalition could organize expert groups to discuss six important areas – healthcare reform, education, rule of law and security affairs, transport and infrastructure, MPC problems and regional reform.

After meeting with representatives of KPV LV, co-chairman of Attīstībai/Par! Daniels Pavļuts informed journalists that there are matters that warrant immediate reviewing. With that, potential partners will be presented with a format that includes six meetings of expert groups to address those topical problems. Three new parties may reach a mutual agreement on priorities, said Pavļuts. He added that all six parties involved in government formation talks will be invited to participate.

Pavļuts notes that an agreement in regards to organization of work in the Saeima will also be discussed in the coming days.

Political parties do not exclude the continuation of meetings with potential coalition partners next week. For example, Pavļuts mentioned that he would like to hold at least one more meeting with New Conservative Party.

President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis, in the meanwhile, announced last week that he intends to continue reviewing Artis Pabriks (AP), ALdis Gobzems (KPV LV) and Jāņis Bordāns (NCP) as potential prime minister candidates.

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