Neo-Nazi admits to plotting terror attacks in Lithuanian capital

Gediminas Beržinska, a 21-year-old man who affiliates himself with a neo-Nazi group, admitted on Monday to attempting a terror attack. Beržinskas also said he would have plotted more attacks if he wasn’t arrested.

“Yes, absolutely,” he told Vilnius Regional Court which opened his case on Monday.

The man said he first became interested in Nazism when he was 12-years-old. He took an interest in explosives two years later and would test them in the woods near his native town of Jurbarkas.

Beržinskas went on to study in Vilnius after graduating from high school, but came back to Jurbarkas around a year later because he was not on good terms with his fellow students and studies did not go well, he told the court.

In his previous testimony, Beržinskas said that he had initially studied at the Military Academy and was later enrolled in a programming course at the University of Applied Scienes in Vilnius.

“I kept the materials needed for production [of explosives] in the closet of my dormitory room,” he told the court. Beržinskas began plotting a terror attack last September. He made explosives when his roommates were away.

Since the start of his studies, he said he began thinking about “what to blow up”.

In his previous testimony, he said he had initially wanted to blow up the Foreign Ministry, which is based in central Vilnius, but dropped the idea because the surroundings were “too open”.

Beržinskas said he later chose buildings in Juozo Balčikonio Street, which is where the Western Union offices are located. He said his goal was to damage infrastructure and cause financial damage.

 Prosecutors seek a four-year sentence

The public prosecutor is seeking a reduced four-year prison sentence for Beržinskas.

He has no previous convictions, and he fully admits his guilt and regrets having committed the crime, Šarūnas Astrauskas, the prosecutor, noted.

Aidas Mažeika, Berzinskas’ defence lawyer, said that his client met the criteria for a non-custodial sentence.

The court is expected to issue its ruling on September 18.

Beržinskas was detained on October 15 and charged with placing an improvised explosive device outside the offices of Western Union in Juozo Balčikonio Street and spraying “FK Division”, “Siege” and a swastika on the building’s wall on October 6, 2019.

‘Serious damage’

Police representaittives previously said if the device had gone off, it would have inflicgted serious damage. And although it was placed a tonight, it would have exploded in day-time when people would have been present in the building.

In June, Lithuanian police said the person had already been under surveillance for his redical views. There are no other suspects in the investigation.

Searches at his home found powerful ready-to-detonate explosives and other chemicals that could be used to make improvised explosive devices, as well as an improvised firearm and extremist and nationalist symbols and literature.

According to the police, Beržinskas affiliates himself with the far-right extremist group Feuerkrieg Division.

In recent years, law enforcement across the world have largely dismantled the extremist group, which adheres to the writings of a known American neo-Nazi, James Mason.


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