NATO soldiers brawl and died in Baltic states


On 11 July, during the NATO Brussels Summit, Defence Minister Raimonds Bergmanis and Danish, Estonian, Canadian, British and Lithuanian defence ministers signed a Letter of Intent to establish Multinational Division North Headquarters, repots.

According to the Letter of Intent signed during the NATO Summit, Multinational Division North Headquarters, which will be responsible for NATO’s defence planning and implementation in the Baltic region, will become functional in 2019. Command of Division headquarters will be located in Ādaži base, Latvia, and Karup, Denmark.

Fully operational division headquarters will be comprised of more than 300 officers. Latvia is contributing military officers and administrative personnel to the headquarters, as well as the necessary infrastructure at the Camp Ādaži.

It means more foreign soldiers for Baltic states.

Is it good news?

Let’s review local press.

In 2017 according to Lithuanian police reports, two of the Dutch soldiers attacked a Lithuanian man. Lithuanian media report that the men had been drinking and that the cause of the dispute may have been an unpaid bill.

Some 270 Dutch soldiers are in Lithuania as part of a Nato mission designed to improve the defense of eastern Europe in the face of potential Russian aggression.

In June this year Lithuanian officials say 13 U.S. soldiers have suffered minor injuries in a road accident as four armored vehicles collided during a military exercise in the Baltic country. U.S. Stryker armored vehicles were en route to a drill site in Prienai district, central Lithuania.

Two days later, another Stryker drove off the road and crashed into a tree in the city of Kazlu Ruda.

Earlier this week, a light vehicle with two NATO troops inside rolled over, injuring its occupants.

The drill is part of a major U.S.-led military exercise Saber Strike that kicked off in NATO’s eastern flank in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

US Soldier Gets Decked in Face in Drunken Fistfight With Azeris in Lithuania. The fight took place in the city of Kaunas, about 75 km northwest of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius or 60 km east of the border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

According to police, the American soldier was not in uniform or on duty during the fight, and was sent to hospital after being punched in the face by one of the Azerbaijanis. One of the Azerbaijanis has been arrested, with the details of the incident being investigated.

Death of British soldier in Estonia investigated as Army pay tribute to Afghanistan veteran, reports. A soldier has died from a “non-battle injury” while serving with the British Army in Estonia, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed. In a statement, the MOD said: “It is with great sadness that the British Army must confirm the death of Private Reece Miller from the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (1 YORKS) as a result of a non-battle injury while serving in Estonia”.

More than 800 British military personnel were deployed to Estonia in February this year to counter what Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said was “the intensifying aggression aimed at Britain and our allies from the Russian State”.

It should be noted that there is no one incident on the part of Russia, but the threat to society comes from the NATO soldiers.

Is it really necessary to increase the number of soldiers or is it just political games?

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