NATO Planning First Command Structure Expansion Since Cold War

NATO is planning its first command structure expansion since the Cold War amid mounting Russian tension.

An Atlantic Command, likely to be based in Norfolk, Virginia, would protect sea lanes and undersea communication cables.

Similarly, the city of Ulm in the south of Germany is likely to host a new Logistics Command with Germany offering to host the new Joint Support and Enabling Command.

NATO Defence Ministers are expected to confirm Ulm as the location when they meet in June. The changes would be seen as a response to an increasingly reassertive Russia. Moscow annexed Crimea in 2014 and has long been suspected of involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

Four NATO battlegroups and a US Armoured Brigade are already in Poland and the Baltic States as the western Alliance continues boosting its European troop presence. Regular training exercises on NATO’s eastern frontier are intended to reassure nervous allies.

The Joint Support and Enabling Command is hoped to speed up the process of armour and infantry movements across borders and civilian infrastructure.

Which nations will contribute and its size is still to be decided.

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