NATO member states propose exchanging information more actively

NATO member states should exchange information more quickly and more actively to remain ahead of Russia, said NATO intelligence head Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven.

«I think we need to work on the rapidity of intelligence. So we are encouraging to send us, to share intelligence with us at the speed of relevance, as quickly as possible,» he said during the closing ceremony of NATO meeting for military intelligence officers in Ottawa this Thursday, 24 May.

He said that in spite of NATO member states’ commitment to opposing Moscow’s tactics, NATO member states often refuse to share information with allies within reasonable terms.

«Because you have to speak about vulnerabilities in your own countries and this has to be balanced against the benefits for all of us to know what’s going on,» said von Loringhoven, who was previously in charge of Germany’s external intelligence service.

Rear-Admiral Scott Bishop, Canada’s chief of defence intelligence, said that Canada exchanges information with NATO as much as it is possible. He encouraged other member states to do the same.

These efforts have borne fruit, he said, mentioning the multinational battalion Canada is in charge of in Latvia as an example. The Canadian officer mentioned that cooperation in the field of information exchange among allies has improved considerably within such forces.

Bishop also admitted that there is also information Canada does not share with NATO.

«Canada works very hard to share all of its intelligence that is pertinent to NATO and alliance members,» said Bishop.

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