NATO Furious Hammer Drills Kick Off in Baltic Region – Estonian Defense Forces

Convoys of military servicemen from Estonia, as well as the United Kingdom and Denmark, both of which are members of NATO international battalion, will start Wednesday to move toward Latvia in order to take part in the Furious Hammer drills, the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces said.

Nearly 1,300 Estonian servicemen will take part in the drills. The military exercises include three phases, the first of which will run from Wednesday to Friday as forces move from Estonia to Latvia, the General Staff said.

The active phase is set to take place on Saturday when the troops will begin to practice interacting with one another before engaging in training fights.

UK heavy military equipment, such as Challenger tanks, Warrior infantry fighting vehicles and other combat vehicles will also be involved in the drills.

NATO has been boosting its military presence in Europe, particularly in Eastern European states, since the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis, citing Russia’s alleged interference in that conflict as a justification for the move. Moscow has repeatedly denied allegations of its involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, while Russian authorities repeatedly said that NATO actions at the Russian border had destabilizing character.

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