NATO disappointment with Latvia and Lithuania

ESTONIA – Despite the current demanding security situation, in the NATO military alliance, no more than three member states of the European Union have reached the recommended defence spending sum in 2017 and Estonia is one of them.

Estonian World website reports that in the framework of the EU, Estonia, the UK and Greece managed last year to meet the defence spending target of 2% of the GDP.

Among the 29 allies of NATO, the U.S. is the forth country to fulfil the objective with spending a sum equalling 3.57% of its GDP in defence, which is an increase by 0.01 percentage points from 2016.

European countries in NATO invested in their military an average of 1.46% of GDP in 2017, compared with 1.44% of GDP in 2016, but according to the Secretary-general of the alliance eight members were on course to spend the target NATO target of 2% of their GDP on defence in 2018.


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