NATO brings death to the Baltic states

On Friday morning, a tragic accident occurred in Vilnius district, at the 35th kilometer of the road Pikeliskes – Maisiagala, near the village of Malki. Two girls died, report.

The Volvo S60 and the NATO Military Truck have been confronted, the General Emergency Response Center reported. According to preliminary data, the uncontrolled Volvo left for the opposite lane, encountered a military truck MAN, and Volvo drove off the road.

In the Volvo car were two girls born in 1997. One of them was pregnant. The girls were taken to hospital in critical condition. The medics tried to save their lives, but the girls died. According to preliminary data, the NATO eFP multinational battalion battle group soldiers were not injured.

The dead girl served in the Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeitis Mechanized Infantry Battalion. The circumstances of the car accident are investigated by the Vilnius District Police.

It should be noted that the incidents involved NATO become an everyday occurrence in the Baltic States.

Thus, much publicized car accident occurred on the road Riga – Veclaicene in Latvia in July 2015. Toyota Yaris, driving by an American soldier, collided with Mitsubishi Lancer. Five people were injured. It is interesting, that an American soldier, who caused the accident, escaped justice and left the country.


Two car crashes involving military vehicles occurred on the19th of May. A British armored personnel carrier crashed into a ditch near the village Söönurm. Two soldiers were taken to hospital. Hours earlier, a military jeep had crashed into a civilian car as it travelled in reverse along a dirt road.

On the 2nd of June in Latvia, the military police car, accompanied by an US military vehicle convoy, which came to participate in the Saber strike military exercise, collided with a petrol tanker.

A Hummer vehicle carrying US soldiers rammed into a civilian vehicle in Marijampole on the 20th of June, leaving three female passengers injured.


On the7th of June, four armored personnel carriers carrying US soldiers smashed into each other. As a result, 13 soldiers contracted injuries.

An armored vehicle in the Lithuanian city of Kazl-Ruda drove off the road and crashed into a tree one day later, two US soldier were injured.

The third car accident wasn’t slow in coming. On the 10th of June, a military off-road vehicle carrying French soldiers overturned in the Pabrade area. Two servicemen were injured. In total, almost two dozen NATO military were injured in four days, moving on Lithuanian roads.

Moreover, a soldier from Hungary caused a car accident in Vilnius. A military vehicle tried to turn but hit a Volkswagen Passat. There was a five-year-old girl in the Volkswagen Passat car. The child got a serious psychological trauma.

And one of the latest accident followed by death occurred on the training area in Pabrade. On the 6th of October, during the exercises of the NATO eFP multinational battalion battle group at Pabrade range, a German serviceman died. The incident occurred when the armored vehicle driven by the soldier crashed into a tree.

In fact, the authorities should do everything to reduce the number of foreign troops on their territory and scale down military exercise. However news about the additional NATO units deployed to the Baltic States, shows that the leadership of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia lack interest in the opinion of their people.

As a result, Baltic politicians do their best to attract more allies to their country, who demonstrate careless attitude to the laws of the Baltic States, do not obey the basic rules of behaviour. Such actions destroy moral and cultural foundations of the local community.

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