NATO: 200 unauthorized approaches to Baltic airspace in 2019


Last year, NATO destroyers responded about 200 times to unauthorized approach to Baltic airspace, representatives reported on May 25.

Every four months, the NATO Member State responsible for patrolling the Baltic airspace changes. This mission has been led by Spain since the beginning of May. Britain and France are also participating. Latvian Television looked at the process of the Spanish monitoring the airspace.

When a signal sounds, it means that an aircraft is approaching the Baltic airspace, either military or civilian, which has not identified itself, has not submitted a flight plan and does not respond to signals from air traffic controllers or does not comply with safe aviation standards.

At this point, it is not yet known what plane it is and what its intentions are. So the Spanish pilots rush to their planes to record the infringer on the rules of flying and escort it our of the airspace.

“This mission is special because a large part of such flights we are conducting in the Baltic region ends up intercepting Russian aircrafts,” said colonel of the Spanish Air Force, Jesus Gutierez Galego.

Last year, these destroyers received a signal about 200 times regarding unauthorized approach to the Baltic airspace or breaching its borders.


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