Naked protesters covered in fake blood lie piled on top of one another in the centre of Barcelona

Animal rights activists stripped naked and covered themselves in fake blood in Barcelona in a protest against the use of fur and leather.

Dozens of campaigners lay naked and motionless in the busy Plaza Catalunya square, one of Barcelona’s main shopping and tourism destinations, beside a sign reading ‘How many lives just for a coat?’.

The protest was organised by the Spanish branch of animal rights group Anima Naturalis.

Pictures show protesters piled on top of one another in the popular tourist destination as they insisted ‘society needs to know the cruelty… in the fur industry’.

According to local reports they wanted to ‘give voice to the millions of animals who are abused and killed’ in the trade’.

They claimed that 32 million animals are slaughtered in the EU for fur every year.

Last year, topless campaigners from the same group wore horns and covered themselves in fake blood in the streets of Pamplona to protest against annual bull runs.

Anima Naturalis and PETA campaigners stripped down to their black pants and daubed themselves in anti-cruelty slogans.

Wearing fake horns, they also threw red powder into the air to symbolise what they regard as unnecessary and cruel bloodshed during the annual festival which attracts hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

The San Fermin festival sees ‘contestants’ run through the streets whilst taunting the bulls.

The protest rally called for ‘a San Fermin without blood’ and the abolition of bullfighting.

The animal campaigners have carried out the protests in Pamplona over the last 14 years.

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