NAF Commander: tensions on a rise in the world, but Latvia can sleep peacefully

The political situation in the world develops in accordance with a sinusoidal principle – sometimes tensions increase, sometimes things calm down, said Commander of Latvian Armed Forces Leonīds Kalniņš in an interview to LNT.

Kalniņš does stress, however, that there are currently no threats to Latvia even with active military drills in the east.

«I feel safe in Latvia because I believe in our army’s capabilities and support from our society. On top of that, we are part of the world’s strongest military organization – NATO,» said Kalniņš.

When asked to comment on the initiative to form a separate European army, Kalniņš stressed that he would rather not pit Europe’s and NATO’s interests against one another. He also believes Europe already has an army of its own in a way. Additionally, Latvia participates in different EU military operations.

Kalniņš said Latvia currently has around 6,000 full-time soldiers and 8,200 National Guard members. He added that their numbers keep increasing. Border Guard and State Police numbers are also on a rise, he said.

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