Latvia and Estonia have joint military procurements planned – Kalniņš

RIGA – Latvia and Estonia have joint military procurements planned, Commander of Latvia’s National Armed Forces Leonīds Kalniņš told journalists after his meeting with Commander of Estonia’s Defence Forces Riho Terras.

Kalniņš mentioned that both countries are located in the same region and have the same goals. Because of that, it would be odd if the two countries did not have close cooperation in the field of defence. Commanders discussed details regarding cooperation in training, as well as exchanged opinions in regards to unified representation of Baltic States in NATO.
«Only by working together and training military personnel together will we be able to find the right path to accomplish our objectives,» said Kalniņš.
When asked if the two countries have plans to perform joint procurements, the NAF commander said yes. He did not reveal what kinds of procurements are planned.
«Our cooperation continues to improve in this field. This is exactly what we have discussed with the general during our meeting. We have very serious procurements planned for the near future. I would rather not reveal anything at this time, because the procedure is ongoing,» said Kalniņš.
Terras told journalists that «sometimes it is necessary to refresh ties between close neighbours, and Latvia is one of Estonia’s closest neighbours».
He expressed satisfaction with joint military exercises performed by armies of the two countries over the years.
Terras also confirmed that problems associated with military procurements were also discussed during this meeting. He did not mention any specific details, however.


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