More police officers to be sent to patrol on roads in Estonia

According to director general of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board Elmar Vaher, the traffic situation in the country is so bad that significantly more police officers will be sent onto the roads already in August, according to the newscast of the Kanal 2 television channel reports writes LETA/BNS.

Altogether 49 people have already lost their lives in traffic accidents this year. Vaher said at a meeting with heads of the prefectures of the Police and Border Guard Board that the bad situation motivates the police to act, warnings do not work and the police is promising to become a lot stricter than before.

According to Vaher, it can be seen that people have become careless in traffic and some are also on social media while behind the wheel. He said that a lot more police officers will be seen in traffic surveillance this month and the same tactic will be continued with at the beginning of September as well

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