Money, valuables taken in alleged fake gas check scam


According to the charges the crimes were committed from summer 2018 to summer 2019 when she was finally caught. She would apparently show up at apartments in Rīga alone, or together with another currently unknown associate, pretending to be an LG employee and asking to read the meter. While distracting the inhabitants she would steal anywhere from a few euros to 11,000 euros, as well as valuables such as jewellry.

Currently 16 persons have been named as victims. The woman is accused of 14 counts of violating section 175, part three of  The Criminal Law  , as well as two counts of violating section 193, part two. The case has been handed over for review to the  City of Rīga Vidzeme District Court  .

The Prosecution Office reminds the public that no person can be considered guilty until they are deemed so by the  Criminal Procedure Law  .


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