Money to increase teachers’ salaries not allocated in 2021 budget

Money has not been allocated to raise teachers wages in the state’s 2021 budget which was agreed yesterday. Salaries will be frozen for the next four years.

The budget strategy points out that the growth of teachers’ salaries in Estonia has been one of the fastest in the OECD countries and this is still the country’s strategic goal.

The total budget for teachers’ salaries is €1.5 billion for the next four years, which will maintain the estimated average salary of teachers at €1,540.

The state has set a goal for the average gross monthly salary of teachers in Estonia to be 120 percent of the average gross monthly salary. Last year, the average gross monthly salary of teachers was 112 percent of the average salary. While Estonia’s average gross monthly salary increased by 7.4 percent, teachers increased by 7 percent. The minimum wage for teachers is currently €1,315.

Although teachers have been allocated additional money for each budget since 2014, the rapid growth of Estonia’s average gross monthly salary has made it difficult to achieve the targets set.

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