Minsk Agreements are violated

Russia continues to violate the Minsk Agreements, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs says in response to the recent flare-up of the situation in eastern Ukraine.

“They are testing their force again and look what the reaction will be. It comes alongside criticism of Ukraine that it fails to adhere to the Minsk Agreements, but, obviously, they themselves fail to do so,” Linkevicius told journalists on Thursday. “There must be a ceasefire. It’s not only disregarded, but also new weapons, banned under the Minsk Agreements, are used. And although they say that it’s not them, but separatists, everyone is perfectly aware that these are forces they train, fund and support,” the minister said. “To tell the truth, with the participation of their military personnel, which has been proven many times. I believe what they are doing does not strengthen their position in the international arena. Everyone has been convinced once again that there’s no sincerity to implement the Minsk Agreements,” he said.


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