Ministry identifies 432 high-risk objects in Latvia

Last year, the government approved requirements for identification and classification of high-risk objects, as well as the civil protection and disaster management planning and realization order. These requirements state that all high-risk objects are to be divided into A, B or C categories.

These categories include objects used to produce, use or store dangerous substances.

On 11 September, Latvia’s government will decide on approval of the high-risk objects list. A category will include 45 objects – railway stations, hydro-electric stations, oil product terminals and plants. B category will include 49 objects – oil product bases, mineral fertilizer plants and other objects.

C category will mostly include petrol stations.

Lists detailing those objects will include the names, addresses, description of operations and amount of dangerous substances used.

The ministry notes that this information is needed to ensure it is possible to perform inspection of compliance with civil protection requirements.

Information included in the list will be updated every year.

Owners or legal managers of high-risk objects will have to report and coordinate with State Fire and Rescue Service their civil protection plans.

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