Minister R. Karoblis invites to demonstrate unwavering transatlantic solidarity

“The most essential goal of the upcoming NATO Summit is to make the strong transatlantic allied solidarity as apparent to the world as possible,” Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis said on June 13 at a conference in Washington, US. According to Minister, the success of the NATO Summit will depend not only on what will be laid down in the documents but also on the message the allied leaders will send out.

The conference “Raising the Curtain on the 2018 NATO Brussels Summit” in Washington co-organised by the Atlantic Council US analytical centre and the Ministry of National Defence addressed the agenda of the upcoming NATO Summit, the need for strengthened security in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea region, and prospects of enhanced NATO readiness.

Minister of National Defence R. Karoblis pointed out the most important challenges in the run-up for the NATO Summit and the areas that allies should come closer together on. Minister emphasised the need for transatlantic cooperation and the unique US feature – the ability to inspire and lead alliances worldwide.

Minister thanked allies for the quick response to the threats Eastern Europe began to face in the wake of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, the sudden augmentation of the NATO Air Policing Mission and deployment of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence.

In the context of the upcoming NATO Summit, Minister also reminded to the conference participants that the security situation in the eastern flank of the Alliance remained complicated and there are no primitive solutions that enhance security. Nevertheless, we have to work to be able to ensure NATO is ready to provide a quick and efficient response to arising threats.

Minister also stressed the threats faced by the southern flank of the Alliance that required solidarity to be dealt with and promised a larger Lithuania’s input.

The conference is part of the joint project by the Atlantic Council and the Ministry of National Defence on „deterrence strategy defence capability enhancement in northern Europe: needs and way ahead”. It is also attended by Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Europe and Russia, officials from the US Department of State, US National Security Council, US House of Representatives, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defense of Estonia , representatives from US analytical centres.

While on visit in Washington until June 15, Minister R.Karoblis will also meet with US Congressmen and Senators, representatives of the Pentagon, and other US officials.


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