Minister: police officers in Latvia should be paid EUR 2,000


«I think state police officers in Latvia should be paid EUR 2,000,» said Latvia’s Interior Affairs Minister Sandis Ģirģens in an interview to LTV programme Rīta Panorāma on Monday, 15 April.

‘This is not something odd – this would be logical. The same for fire fighters and border guards, because these people risk their health and their lives doing their jobs,’ he said.

In truth, however, only representatives of certain jobs can hope for wage rise starting from 2020. This includes State Police College cadets, whose wages could reach EUR 520. Ģirģens said that Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš has already voiced understanding and support in this topic.

The minister said one of the steps to help find more people for State Police is sorting out the existing work environment.

For years Latvia has not invested in the country’s internal security, said the minister. In April he presented a detailed plan to sort out existing infrastructure. This plan provides for allocating funding every year for a long period of time.

Sorting Latvia’s police infrastructure will require 15 to 20 years as long as funding of five to six million euros is allocated, the minister concluded.

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