Minister: Nordica key lifeline for Estonia, no plans to privatize

Economics affairs minister Taavi Aas (Center) says there are no plans to privatize state-owned airline Nordica.

“I can’t say we have a plan today [for privatization]. Our first plan today is for Nordica to survive as an airline,” Aas said, responding to media reports that privatization would be a necessary alternative to a European Commission requirement to pay back state aid granted as relief from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We certainly don’t have any plan to sell Nordica today, because in today’s situation there is no opportunity to do so. First we need to get the company up and running and then make the ensuing decisions.”

Aas also said that Nordica was essential as a lifeline in and out of the country.

“It is needed only for the reason that we have an ‘ emergency exit’, so to speak,” Aas noted.

At the same time, Aas said he does not rule out privatization being on the agenda in future.

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