Military parade in Vilnius to be held to commemorate the centenary of the restoration of the Lithuanian Armed Forces

This year the Lithuanian Armed Forces, like the State of Lithuania, commemorate the centenary of their restoration. The main focus of this celebration will be a solemn military parade scheduled for November 24 in Vilnius Konstitucijos Avenue.

In addition to Lithuanian troops with their equipment, the parade will also involve NATO allies, troops of NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group deployed in Lithuania, NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission, tri-national Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Lithuanian Great Hetman K.Ostrogiškis Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG as well as units of Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union.

“Public support and approval are necessary for strong armed forces; therefore, the military parade is a great opportunity to show the modernisation and consolidation of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, to demonstrate the military equipment and modern armament we possess,” said Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis. “We expect the decision to organise the military parade in one of the main streets of our city will attract a lot of residents and guests of Vilnius as well as be a memorable experience to all of them.”

This parade will be the largest military event ever organised in Lithuania in the streets of the city. The solemn parade is planned to involve about 1.5 thousand troops from Lithuania, NATO allies and partners with their military equipment and modern armament. The highest Lithuanian officials and foreign guests will be invited to visit this event.

Also, during this event celebratory flights of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission and the Lithuanian Air Force are planned to be conducted over Vilnius.

Last time such military parade involving plenty of military equipment was held in 2013 while commemorating the 95th anniversary since the reestablishment of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Then it took place in Vilnius Gediminas Avenue, and roughly 500 Lithuanian and allied troops with military equipment participated in this event.

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