Meteorologists promise air temperature will soon reach +26° C in Latvia


On Friday, 17 May, there will be plenty of sun and clouds. Western regions may experience some rainfall. Wind will draw in from the east, reaching 13 m/sec in Kurzeme, as reported by Latvia’s State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Maximum air temperature during the day will be +19° C… +22° C (+15° C… +19° C along the coast in Kurzeme).

As atmospheric pressure goes down on weekends, the amount of clouds will increase and bring rain to Kurzeme. Thunderstorms are also expected on Sunday. Wind speed will remain moderate.

On Saturday and Sunday it will be warm in most of the country: air temperature during the day will reach +21° C… +26° C, whereas night-time air temperature will be +10° C… +15° C, meteorologists predict.

In the first half of the week rain is expected mostly in the country’s western portion. Weather will remain warm (+23° C… +25° C). In the second half of the week, as cyclone activity increases, wider precipitation zones will form, causing air temperature in Latvia to stay at around +18° C… +21° C.

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