Meteorologist: Rainy weather likely to last through end of August

Despite recent reports to the contrary, meteorologist Jüri Kamenik says there are currently no signs indicating that a heatwave may yet come Estonia’s way this month.
“There was talk a week ago that we can expect temperatures of 40 C in Estonia at the end of August,” Kamenik said during an appearance on ETV’s “Ringvaade” on Tuesday night. “But I checked, and not one source says that we can expect even 25 C in August. Rain showers with a chance of thunderstorms will likely persist through the end of the month.”

Worldwide, July was the hottest month yet on record. Kamenik noted that this is partly the result of climate change, but also partly thanks to the fact that measurements have become more accurate and the availability of data has improved.

“But it is true that all of the hottest years on earth on record have been within the past 10-20 years — beginning in 1998,” he continued. “This is linked not only to the increase in greenhouse gases, but also the fact that the ocean is warming. This means that oceanic areas are warmer during winter, and as approximately 70 percent of the earth is covered in water, the ocean’s temperature determines a great deal.”

Kamenik believes that in terms of global warming, the world is only just in the beginning phase of some kind of process. He believes that there is nothing that can be done to stop it, and that people have to learn to adapt to the new situation instead.

“There have been attempts to do something via all kinds of means, such as the Paris Agreement, but I believe that we need to adapt instead, and consider how we will cope [with the changes],” he said. “This can’t really be stopped.”

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