Metallica announces new concert film for drive-in theaters

Metallica announced on Monday a new concert film that will be released through drive-in theaters on Aug. 29.

The concert film is being presented by the Encore Drive-In Nights series and will be available to watch in hundreds of drive-in and outdoor theaters across the United States and Canada.

Tickets go on sale for the general public starting on Aug. 14 at 12 p.m. local time. Each ticket will admit one carload of up to six people and will include four mp3 digital downloads of S&M2, Metallica’s upcoming live album that is being released on Aug. 28.

Metallica has not performed together since September for S&M2. The band is safely practicing for the project which will be filmed in the coming days at a secret location, drummer Lars Ulrich said in a video posted onto Metallica’s official Twitter account.

“We will miss all of you of course. We’ll be rocking out to a few of the crew people but what you will hear and see on the screen will be edited and mixed together by our top-notch production team for a kick-ass final product,” Ulrich said.

Ulrich, in June, surprised a pediatric ICU nurse from Long Island, New York, while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Ulrich met with the Metallica fan as part of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s #HealthCareHero segment and gifted her a signed copy of S&M2 and promised that she will be his VIP guest at the next Metallica concert in the New York area.

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